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Made with pride in the USA

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Custom CNC Swiss Machining of a Brass Multipositional Valve for a Power Tool Application

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Brass Mulitpositional Valve
Brass Mulitpositional Valve

Knowing our reputation for providing streamlined, cost-effective quality service in the area of machining and component assembly, Hinz Company was contracted by a clien to construct a brass multipositional valve to be used in a power tool application. Originally, this part was being machined by an alternative manufacturer through a complex, five-step machining process. Our expert staff of engineers at Hinz Company was able to cut down this process, manufacturing this part complete in one step, providing top-notch product at reduced production time and cost.

Based off a customer supplied print, we employed our eight-axis, CNC Swiss machining center to manufacture the part, upholding a tight concentricity tolerance between nine internal holes and the outside diameters of just .003 of an inch .

Two opposing angle holes, each measuring .0625 inches in diameter are also drillied into the part - all in one operation!  Lastly, the valverequires an 8 micro finish and  then  a custom pin to be pressed into one of the holes.

Combining years of expertise with our advanced machining equipment, Hinz Company was able to provide this client with reliable, streamlined manufacturing services, producing their part in one complete step while still maintaining high-quality standards and precise customer specifications. By streamlining their original production process, we were able to fully manufacture and assemble this part at reduced cost and quicker turnaround. .


Product Description This Brass Multipositional valve was manufactured on our 8-axis Swiss machining center for a power tool application. We were able to cut 5 machining operations down to 1.
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Swiss Machining Multi Axis
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 8-Axis CNC Swiss Machining Center
2" long by ø 1/2"
Cycle Time < 4 minutes
Tightest Tolerances Concentricity of .003"
Material Brass
Max Material Finish 62 Ra
  • 9 Holes Total
  • 2 Opposing Angle Holes
  • Ground with Pin Inserted
In process testing performed Dimensional checks
Weight .35 pounds
Industry for Use Tooling/Power Tool
Delivery Location Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Brass Multipositional Valve

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