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Made with pride in the USA

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Custom Multi-Axis Machining of a Mild Steel Push Rod for the Motorcycle Industry

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Steel Push Rod For Motorcycle
Steel Push Rod For Motorcycle

Known for providing cost-effective machining and component assembly solutions, Hinz Company was contracted by a client from the motorcycle industry to custom build a steel push rod that would be used in a motorcycle brake. Originally, this part was constructed through a complex, four piece assembly operation. Hinz Company was able to reduce this process, cutting the part down to just one piece, saving the client's both time and money.

Using our advanced CNC Multi-Axis turning technology, the steel push rod was manufactured complete in one operation on a machine with live tooling and sub spindle capabilities. Based off a customer supplied drawing and input from skilled Hinz technicians, the part was desgined and produced to meet precise client specifications demanding tolerances of ±.001".

After machining, a corrosion resistant zinc plating, providing a bright brilliant shine to the alrady highly finished part. We then shipped weekly kan-bans directly to the cusomers location in Wisconsin. With the ability to assemble this unit complete in one manufacturing step, we were able to reduce production time and cost while still effectively meeting our client's high expectations for quality.


Product Description This Steel Push Rod was previously a 4 piece assembly that we cut down to 1 piece and was machined on a Multi-Axis lathe for the motorcycle industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Turning
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part CNC multi axis CNC lathe
3" long by ø 3/4"
Cycle Time < 2 minutes
Tightest Tolerances .002"
Material  Steel
Max Material Finish 125 Ra
Surface Treatment Zinc Plated
Features Retaining Ring
In process testing performed Dimensional checks
Estimated Part Weight .12 pounds
Industry for Use Motorcycle
Delivery Location Wisconsin
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Steel Push Rod

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