Hinz to Carbon Neutral

At the Hinz Company, it is our goal to remain socially and environmentally responsible while producing the finest machined parts that will make an impact both on a local and global scale. 

By making steps to becoming a 100% carbon neutral organization, The Hinz Company can regulate the amount of resources that we use. We can also be accountable for what we do with these resources to help reduce the CO2 emissions that are put into our precious environment.

Hinz Action Plan:

1.      Energy efficient LED lit facility

2.      “Lights out” operation – machines run in absence of lighting and personnel

3.       Recycle coolants / oils / scrap material

4.      Reusable manufacturing materials / containers

5.      Air mist at half of our machines for proper air filtration

6.      Responsible office recycling

7.      Re-use of packaging, crates, plastic, pallets

With this effort, we are making a positive shift to ensure a safer place for future generations.