2013 & 2017 Doosan 2100SY with 6-Axis including a Y-Axis Slide (2)

Live tooling, sub-spindle lathes with magazine bar feeding to2 1/2” diameter & 8” chucking on the main spindle and 8” chucking sub-spindle. Full C axis positioning wit synchronous rotation on the main & sub spindle.

Includes Feeler FTS-27 Turret lathe (1-1/16” bar capacity), Mitek Manual surface grinder, Bridgeport vertical mill (12” by 36” table), Coining press, Staking press, drill presses, horizontal production saw, vibratory deburring bowl.

Includes Brown & Sharp CMM (PC-DMIS), (2) programmable video comparators, multiple optical comparators, Mitutoyo profilometers, Defelsko coating thickness meters, thread ring and plug gauging, O.D. micrometers to 6.000”, calipers to 40.000”, Sunnen bore gauges (up to 2.900 I.D.), digital height stands etc. All inspection equipment is calibrated to be traceable to the National Bureau of Standards under MIL-STD-45662.