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"The Hinz Company has been supplying critical parts to us for over 20 years and continues to deliver excellent quality. Their process controls ensure consistent, repeatable results. Documentation is accurate, concise, complete and hand-written entries are clearly readable. WIP slips in every bi ... Read More

For the last 20 years The Hinz company has partnered Hanwha. Hanwha has supported Hinz from overseas as well as sharing the same business park. We greatly appreciate this recognition and visit! We look forward to working with them for many years to come! Read More

Frustrated with your current parts supplier? Tired of receiving damaged parts that put your supply chain even further behind? Not only does The Hinz Company deliver on quality, but we guarantee your parts will arrive without shipping damage! From netting, to custom box dividers, and even encasing in ... Read More

The Hinz Company welcomes a new quality office. Our state of the art office has been placed in our 2019 building addition to better support our skilled technicians and equipment on the opposite side of our facility. Previously our technicians would have to walk to the front our facility to the quali ... Read More

The Hinz Company is proud to welcome the first Hanwha XDI 32 with B-Axis to the United States. Our new machine is capable of 3-path 9 axis independent opposite gang tool machine for high productivity and flexible machining. Some other highlights include: reduced cutting time by simultaneous machinin ... Read More