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Multi Access CNC Machining Videos / New Amada PA260MPC Horizontal Post Style Saw

New Amada PA260MPC Horizontal Post Style Saw

The Hinz company is committed to not only production of high quality machined parts that exceed our customers' expectations, but also on schedule and at competitive costs. One of the many obstacles is the reliance on outside suppliers to deliver parts and raw material on time. To better serve our customers, The Hinz Company is proud to introduce our new Amada PA260MPC Horizontal Post Style Saw. The new Amada saw will replace our existing Cosen Saw from 2006. With the addition of the new Amada saw we expect to offer lower material cost and lead time with ability to produce our own "saw cut blanks" in a shorter time frame then outside vendors. Also expected is improved accuracy and safety with a hydraulically controlled tension (30,000 psi) that provides consistent square cutting accuracy. The motion detector will shut the machine off should the blade break or stall. Another feature is operator’s control panel. This utilizes a touch screen control to allow the operator to program and store up to 100 jobs, which will effectively reduce labor hours at the equipment. Hinz will welcome this new piece of equipment by Mid-December. Stay tuned for future updates and photos as this project progresses!