Hinz Company's Dedication to Service: Adding a Second Work Shift and Hiring for a Shipping and Receiving Clerk Position to Meet Growing Demands for Multi-Axis CNC Turning Capabilities

Created at : Apr 17, 2023

Hinz Company, a renowned precision machining and fabrication company, has always been committed to providing its customers with exceptional service and quality products. Recently, the company has taken a significant step towards furthering this commitment by adding a second work shift to its production schedule.

This decision was made to meet the growing demand for Hinz Company's multi-axis CNC turning capabilities. With the addition of the second shift, the company will be able to produce more parts and reduce lead times, while maintaining its high standards of quality.

To support this expansion, Hinz Company is currently looking for a skilled Shipping and Receiving Clerk to join its team. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring the timely and accurate receipt and shipment of materials and products, as well as maintaining inventory records and performing other related duties as required.

The new shift and the hiring of a Shipping and Receiving Clerk demonstrate Hinz Company's unwavering dedication to providing its customers with the best possible service. By investing in its operations and expanding its team, Hinz Company is well-positioned to meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving market and maintain its position as a leading provider of precision machining and fabrication services.

The Hinz Company has a long history of providing exceptional service and quality products to its customers. With the addition of a second work shift and the hiring of a Shipping and Receiving Clerk, the company is poised to continue this tradition and further enhance its reputation as a trusted partner in the manufacturing industry.

If you are interested in joining the Hinz Company team and contributing to its ongoing success, please visit https://www.hinzcompany.com/careers/shipping-and-receiving-clerk to learn more about the available position and how to apply.

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