Discover a Swiss Turning Center That Gets It Right

Created at : Oct 6, 2022

A Swiss turning center is a type of CNC machine shop that is specially designed for machining small, complex parts. Swiss turning is a very versatile process and can be used to perform a variety of machining operations, such as milling, drilling, and tapping. 

Produce Parts with Extremely Tight Tolerances

One of the most unique features of Swiss turning centers is their ability to perform multiple operations in a single setup. This means that turning process can produce parts with extremely tight tolerances in a fraction of the time it would take to produce them on traditional CNC equipment. 

Press the Start Button

Another advantage of Swiss type turning centers is that they require very little operator intervention. Once a part program is loaded into the machine, the operator simply must load the raw material and press the start button. The machine will then do the rest, producing finished parts with little or no operator intervention. 

Safety-Related Tips

If you are in the market for a CNC machine that can produce small, complex parts quickly and accurately, then a Swiss turning may be the right choice for you. Here are a few safety-related tips for operating in a busy turning center environment:

1. Always wear proper safety gear when operating a turning center of this kind. This includes eye protection, gloves, and hearing protection.

2. Make sure that the turning equipment is properly secured before beginning any operation.

3. Be aware of the potential hazards associated with Swiss turning, such as flying debris and sharp cutting tools.

4. Never reach into the turning device while it is in operation.

5. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when operating a Swiss turning center.

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