Hinz Welcomes New Zeiss CMM

Over the past 64 years, The Hinz Company has come a long way. Founded on the demand for high quality welding tips, nozzles and related parts, Hinz now serves industries spanning from aerospace to hydraulics to conveyors etc. As our customer base has grown and diversified needs change over time. Part of our Hinz mission is to "use state of the art technologies and be creative and passionate in the execution of customer needs." To accomplish this, Hinz is proud announce the completion of our CMM project. As seen in the photos, the beginning stages included removing a wall. Shortly after, the outdated unit was removed. After the wall was replaced the installation experts at Zeiss carefully setup our brand new unit. In the words of quality manager Mark Torbett, "Our new Zeiss Contura CMM with Vast XXT scanning capabilities takes our inspection capability to a new level. With high accuracy scanning ability we can take thousands of hits on a dimension as opposed to a fixed number of hits using standard tactile probing. The result is a much more accurate and detailed measurement. Measurement time is also dramatically reduced which leads to faster turnaround times." We are very excited to see how this new piece of equipment will change the business. Stay tuned to our videos section for future content our new Zeiss Contura CMM!

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