Notes from a Customer Quality Audit

"The Hinz Company has been supplying critical parts to us for over 20 years and continues to deliver excellent quality. Their process controls ensure consistent, repeatable results. Documentation is accurate, concise, complete and hand-written entries are clearly readable. WIP slips in every bin of every part informs personnel of the current status of the parts and next steps to be taken. The facility is well-lit and equipment is spaced to allow freedom of movement for operators and material. All equipment is clean and well maintained. Workstations are clean, and include only needed tools and process drawings. Areas around equipment is free of debris. Several new machines have been purchased in the past 12 months, including a state-of-the-art turning center with 60+ tool stations including 20+ live spindles. All machines are charted for up-time, and parts processed on each machine are identified and monitored, with results displayed. Parts that exceed estimated run/cycle times are highlighted, and employees are encouraged to offer improvements. 

Employees are motivated, dedicated and talented. All employees appeared relaxed and confident. There are training sessions offered in all areas, and skills are tracked in a comprehensive matrix. Company goals and performance are clearly displayed at the entrance to the manufacturing area. Profit sharing is posted weekly for all employees. Non-conforming material is also staged in the same area, so everyone is aware of the "hits" that the company takes. Overall, this is an outstanding company that has created and promotes a culture of excellence, which is evident in all aspects of the operation."