New Venture into the Medical Industry as a Trusted CNC Precision Parts Provider

Created at : Jun 18, 2023

The Hinz Company, a renowned CNC Machine Shop from Wisconsin, is thrilled to announce its entry into the Medical Industry as a proud partner to a new customer. The opportunity arose when the customer's previous CNC Precision Parts Company ceased its operations, providing an opening for The Hinz Company to showcase its expertise and commitment to excellence. This exciting development marks a significant milestone for The Hinz Company as it expands its services to cater to the specific needs of the Medical Industry. With their unwavering dedication to precision manufacturing and a wide range of capabilities, The Hinz Company is well-equipped to deliver high-quality lathe or turned parts for medical devices and more.

Seizing the Opportunity in the Medical Industry:

The Hinz Company recognizes the importance of precision and reliability CNC Machined Parts in the Medical Industry, where even the smallest component can have a significant impact on patient care. As a result, they have embraced the opportunity to partner with a new customer seeking CNC Precision Parts services. This strategic move allows The Hinz Company to leverage their extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the stringent requirements of the Medical Industry.

With their commitment to delivering superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship, The Hinz Company is fully prepared to provide vital parts for medical devices, equipment, and instrumentation. Whether it's manufacturing intricate components for surgical instruments, implants, diagnostic devices, or any other medical application, The Hinz Company's expertise in CNC turning and their precision-driven approach ensure the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and consistency.

Embracing a Tradition of Excellence:

The Hinz Company's website serves as a testament to their dedication to precision manufacturing and showcases their capabilities to meet the unique demands of the Medical Industry. Their expertise in CNC turning, combined with a skilled team of machinists and engineers, allows them to deliver exceptional results.

With their new partnership in the Medical Industry, The Hinz Company is committed to upholding their reputation as a reliable and trusted CNC Precision Parts provider. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and adhering to stringent quality control measures, they ensure that every part they produce meets the highest industry standards.


The Hinz Company's entry into the Medical Industry marks an exciting new chapter in their journey as a leading CNC Machine Shop. Their partnership with a new customer, who sought an alternative to their previous CNC Precision Parts provider, highlights the Hinz Company's dedication to meeting the evolving needs of various industries. With their specialized capabilities in CNC turning, The Hinz Company is poised to deliver exceptional lathe or turned parts for medical devices and other critical applications. As they continue to grow and expand their expertise, The Hinz Company remains committed to providing precision manufacturing solutions of the highest quality to their valued partners in the Medical Industry and beyond.