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About The Hinz Company

Since 1958 The Hinz Company has focused on providing our customers the finest quality machined parts, through innovative manufacturing processes and responsive service, at very competitive costs. We've built long-term relationships with many of our customers by providing the solutions that help them build better products.

Our experienced staff all work with the same goal in mind: to provide quality components that exceed our customers' expectations, on schedule and at competitive costs. Our people make the difference, applying their experience to reduce the machining steps and reduce waste. We can then pass the added value on to our customers with lower costs. Find out how we can help you with your component machining. Contact The Hinz Company for more information, or to submit drawings for a no-obligation quote.

Hinz was founded on the demand for high quality welding tips, nozzles and related parts, including CCZ long-life welding tips. It is based on that history that we have become the most competitive source for high precision small and complex parts. 

  • Experienced staff
  • Finest quality
  • Quality components
  • Competitive source
  • High precision
  • Small & complex parts